Lisa M. Rose in a field of wildflowers in Millineum Park.

About Lisa M. Rose: Herbalist, Forager, Author

Lisa M. Rose is an herbalist, forager, and author. With a background in anthropology and a professional focus on community health and local food systems; she has gathered her food, farming, and wild plant knowledge from many people and places along a very delicious journey.

Beyond the Great Lakes, Lisa’s interest in ethnobotany and herbal medicine has taken her across the United States and into the Yucatan, mainland Mexico, Nicaragua, and Brazil to study plants, people, health, and their connection to place.

When she is not in her own gardens or kitchen; Lisa can be found in the fields and forests, leading foraging plant walks and teaching classes on edible and medicinal wild plants. 

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A few notes about the blog from Lisa Rose:

The images on this page are my own and  I reserve all copyright. If you wish to use any image, I am flattered. So please do the kind thing and ask permission.

All content regarding food, herbal use, and health is for general educational use only.  It does not replace your own prudent judgement when making a decision regarding your health or your family’s wellness.  I am not a medical doctor, and cannot treat, diagnose or cure any illness or disease by law.  So take note, and take the time to educate yourself for your own wellness’ sake.


  1. Lisa,

    I received your name a friend of my son. Her name is Aisling Badger. I would like to schedule a consultation with you however, Wednesdays are difficult for me. Is there any possibility of being able to schedule on a Thursday morning or Friday during the day?

    Gail W.

    1. Hi Gail.

      Please send me an email to lisa.rose.starner@gmail.com to discuss. I limit my consultations to Wednesdays to accomodate family and children – particularly as it is now summertime – and have little time outside that to offer this service. But am confident we can arrange something that can work for your schedule.


  2. Hi Lisa!

    I stumbled over your blog today while I was googling recipe ideas for the huge chunk of Chaga I just pulled off one of my mom’s birch trees the other day. thanks for all the good ideas! Im a student herbalist…ive been studying herbs for about 5 years now, and for the last three ive been working with another herbalist Lisa in my hometown of Utica, NY. it started as an apprenticeship but shes turned into more of a mentor now. Im also a full-time nursing student, hoping to get my masters afterwards and blend herbs and western medicine in clinical practice ; ) cant wait to read your updates!!

  3. I am looking for a recipe for chaga skin cream..and stumbled across this site,, would be most appreciative if you could share your recipe 🙂

  4. Hi’ Lisa, Thank you so much for the encouraging words on life , Simplicity IS just what we are looking for !. IN this hectic and unforgiving, selfishness we live in. giving to others is the way out, with that said. My computer is old & slow like me, It would not print the tickets for the September 15 foragers food swap, can we still come without tickets? I think that it is great, that the Father sent us to you in this special time of rejuvenation, Praise GOD, again, Thank You, so much, for doing all my footwork-and I can not wait to meet you, see you soon, GOD Bless. Shalom-means Peace it is one of GOD’s names! Shalom!

  5. Hi Lisa How do I become a Herbalist ?I am 55 and my body needs it, I need to go into the woods Foraging! Thank You, Shalom.

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