Lisa M. Rose in a field of wildflowers in Millineum Park.

About Lisa M. Rose: Herbalist, Forager, Author

Lisa M. Rose is an herbalist, forager, and author. With a background in anthropology and a professional focus on community health and local food systems; she has gathered her food, farming, and wild plant knowledge from many people and places along a very delicious journey.

Beyond the Great Lakes, Lisa’s interest in ethnobotany and herbal medicine has taken her across the United States and into the Yucatan, mainland Mexico, Nicaragua, and Brazil to study plants, people, health, and their connection to place.

When she is not in her own gardens or kitchen; Lisa can be found in the fields and forests, leading foraging plant walks and teaching classes on edible and medicinal wild plants. As a distance runner, she likes to often combine marathon training with her harvesting excursions. Lisa forages for her own family, herbal apothecary and community herbalism practice with her favorite harvesting companion – her dog, Rosie.

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A few notes about the blog from Lisa Rose:

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