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Simply Sassy: A Mitten Gal’s Sassafras Rootbeer 

While on a trail run through the dunes of Hoffmaster State Park this summer I realized that there is no other smell reminiscent of my West Michigan lakeshore upbringing than sassafras. That aromatic, spicy rootbeer fragrance of the sassafras floats on the breeze in the dew of the morning or after a wet, damp rain. It is one …

Re-Writing our future

What will our communities “value” on the other side of this pandemic? How can the way in which we have had to re-organize and re-work to accomodate the constraints of Covid re-create organizational cultures – business, govt, education, arts, religion – that are more equitable?

PreOrder: Midwest Medicinal Plants

“Midwest Medicinal Plants” “Midwest Medicinal Plants” (Timber Press, OR) is available for pre-order at Amazon.com.

Foodservice from 35000 Feet

In my knapsack I carry 20 years of academic and professional experience in food systems. I’ve travelled a delicious journey over these 20 years. This Monterey trip will add another layer to my food systems understanding – this time from the perspective of a food service broadliner working with farmers.

“Midwest Foraging” Featured in Chicago Tribune

  To read the entire Chicago Tribune article, click HERE.

On Writing “Midwest Foraging”

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing your new book for the first time. As a mom, it’s sort of like seeing your newborn child – mixed emotions of excitement and uncertainty and relief and nervousness all combined. The day my book arrived, I was writing at my desk at home, not expecting a …

On a plant writing sabbatical…

Headed across the Midwest, with my camera and laptop in tow. Destination is Big Sky & Jackson Hole for a writing sabbatical, working on my next book — “The ReWilded Kitchen: A Forager’s Guide to Edible & Medicinal Plants of the Midwest” (Timber Press, 2014). Here, I stopped just outside of Gary, Indiana off of …