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Book Review: Chicago Tribune, August 5, 2015. Click HERE.


“How to plant and use native plants for cooking, healing, beauty and overall wellness.” ~ GR Magazine, March 2015.


On Television: 

WZZM Wild Summer Herbal Harvests for the Medicine Cabinet

WZZM Foraging with Kids & Summer Vacation’s Sumac Lemonade

WZZM Herbal Remedies to Keep the Bugs Away

WZZM Making & Using Maple Syrup

FOX17 Spring Foraging Greens for Health

WZZM Bone Broth for Immunity

WZZM Kitchen Herbs for Wellness 

WZZM Garden Herbs for Winter Wellness

WZZM Honey for Your Health

On the radio: 

“Many people think of foraging as something that has to be done in wilderness, but Rose says there is potential all around us, saying she wants to “bring that level of awareness that nature is right out our front door, it’s not just exclusively at a nature center or at the farmer’s market.” NPR Michigan Radio. 

“Midwest Foraging” with Shelley Irwin, WGVU. July 15, 2015.

“A little goes a long way, when it comes to this week’s special guests on the Flowerland Show. Justin Morgan of Morgan Compost discusses going from poop to profit. Lisa Rose divulges the secrets and benefits of a more natural lifestyle. The usual gardening suspects are Rick, Doug, and Kristi.” ~ WOOD Radio, April 19

Reviews of “Grand Rapids Food” 

“Delicious, fresh, healthy, local food. That is the mission of Lisa Rose Starner, to get as many of us as possible to eat local. And there’s plenty of that happening in Grand Rapids, from community gardens to microbreweries to food entrepreneurs and artisans and so much more.” ~~ Cynthia Canty, NPR 

“Starner is serious about instigating a revolution with a shovel.” ~~ Zinta Ailstars, Rapid Growth Media

“Grand Rapids is in the midst of a culinary revolution … If you eat food, grow food, shop for food, forage for food — this book is fo you.” ~~   Catherine Behrendt, TakeFive WZZM13 

“Page through the history of Grand Rapids food — the farmers markets [and more] … we are making some goals and achieving them.”  ~~ Sarah Brodhead, Fox17 

“Summer Reading List for Foodies: A Michigan State University Librarian complies a list of insightful community food systems books.” ~~ Michigan State University.

“Local community leader and author Lisa Starner is our guest with her book, Grand Rapids Food: A Culinary Revolution.” ~~ Shelley Irwin,  NPR Host, The Morning Show on WGVU

“Newly-released Grand Rapids Food: A Culinary Revolution by Lisa Rose Starner covers much more than foodie interests.” ~~ Wendy Leep Hammond, The Rapidian. 

“Calling all foodies!  There’s something new out there for you. The book ‘Grand Rapids Food: A Culinary Revolution’ is making waves by capturing the essence of the growing food movement in Grand Rapids.” ~~ EightWest, WOTV

“Lisa Rose Starner has written a new book about food in Grand Rapids, full of the stories of the gardens, restaurants and movements behind the culinary revolution happening in our own area.” ~~ Roberta F. King, The Rapidian 

“So proud of our friend and local author, Lisa Rose Starner, as she celebrated the release of her first book, Grand Rapids Food: A Culinary Revolution at Madcap Coffee this evening.” ~~ Laura Caprara, StellaFly Social Media

“I love the history behind so many of my favorite GR restaurants, markets,stores etc. You helped create a much fuller picture of where we have been and where we are headed using examples from other Urban areas. I love that. You helped ‘connect the dots’ between all of those in this area that are working so hard for change in the way we view and consume food. The local farmers’ stories you provided gave me such a bigger appreciation for what they do. In a sense, each tomato or pepper is “‘special.’” ~~Tamara Beel, GR Resident & Foodie

MEDIA: Review Copies Available! Contact Lisa Rose for more info.


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