I took a walk through the fields and in the woods this morning in one of my most favorite areas in GR– the gravel pits and down by the Grand River in and around Johnson/Millenium Park. Not only did this help re-root my person back to my own land after being away in Nicaragua forContinue reading “Recalibrating”

Hawthorne for the Herbalist’s Heart

Today I was called out to the fields in search of my Hawthorne tree. It’s a tree of the faeries, a tree that in folklore in linked with the spiritual heart, fertility and death. Even approaching this tree in a windy field, I felt a calm come over me. The winds — both those swirlingContinue reading “Hawthorne for the Herbalist’s Heart”

Encouraged by the GoldenRod

About two years ago, I began documenting my forays in life — mostly edible and mostly of plants — on Tumblr. It was easy. It’s been easy. I’ve gotten great feedback for offering my aesthic and perspective on family, life, plants, cooking, and gardening in this way — short, simple, easy, visual. Tumblr has beenContinue reading “Encouraged by the GoldenRod”