About two years ago, I began documenting my forays in life — mostly edible and mostly of plants — on Tumblr.

It was easy. It’s been easy.

I’ve gotten great feedback for offering my aesthic and perspective on family, life, plants, cooking, and gardening in this way — short, simple, easy, visual. Tumblr has been a perfect platform for the immediate sharing of things I am contemplating and for sharing my point of view on a subject and hopefully my musings and ramblings have offered inspiration.

But now I am seeking more than an insta-platform to communicate what I see and am understanding. As my herbalism practice deepens and I make more connections to the plants and between the plants and to my community as a practitioner, I feel compelled to continue observing and also writing a bit more as means to share these insights. And housing it in a way that is accessible and archived. And hopefully this becomes a contribution to the resurgence of herbalism in this country — the medicine of the people.

Alas, I’ve resisted for a number of reasons — 1) I have no idea how to use WordPress. 2) I have no idea how to use WordPress. 3) I have a pretty irregular writing habit. I’d hate for people to get all expectant on my writing and musings — some of which take days, months even years (yes, this is true) for me to even synthesize and distill into something someone else can make sense of and appreciate.

I am doing this because I believe ~this~ is the next step in my calling.

So, irregardless of my anticipated sporadic contribution to this body of work, I do hope that you and others find my writings useful. If you are so inspired and inclined by my writings, please feel free to share your insights and experiences. I hope to learn along this path as well as share.

And if you were wondering as to the role of GoldenRod in this title, it was she who has encouraged me along the way to align with what lights my heart on fire.


6 Comments on “Encouraged by the GoldenRod”

  1. The fear of writing sporadically has stifled me as well… but there is something to be said for writing when you have something to say, not just according to schedule. I am glad you have begun this. Your pictures were interesting but never told me enough. I look forward to you sporadic moments of sharing insights.

    • Ah, thank you. I hope to be writing regularly once my local food manuscript is off to the publisher. (Before I head to Nicaragua in November)!

      I do hope my writings — dappled with some recipes here and there, but mostly of intuitions and insights — are a nice addition to the current compendium of herbal writings from the great traditional (past and present) Western herbalists.

      I may also draw in a bit of Chinese and Ayurveda here and there, too. But most of my work will come from the plants that give me inspiration right outside my front door.

  2. You mention hat you are a “mitten girl”. Michigan? Grand rapids area? I am a Muskegon “mitten” girl. You offer classes. Please send information. I couldn’t find any on your blog.

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