Maple Syrup: A Forager’s Sweet Treat

Can you hear the trees awakening? It’s maple syrup time for the farmers and foragers setting out to tap the maple trees! Even though the land around us continues to be covered with a deep blanket of snow, there’s a shift in the trees. With warmer days and cold, clear nights, the trees are stretching their hibernatingContinue reading “Maple Syrup: A Forager’s Sweet Treat”

A Winter’s Foraging Walk

Folks frequently ask, “Can you forage in winter?” and my response is always a resounding yes! While there aren’t the summer’s berries and flowers to be found in the deep snow of the Great Lakes; a forager can delight that there are barks, buds, and even sap to be gathered in the cold of JanuaryContinue reading “A Winter’s Foraging Walk”

Nourishing With Herbal & Bone Broths

Broths! This may seem like the newest food trend but alas – herbal and bone broths have been in simmering on the stoves of healing kitchens across the globe and across time. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, broth is a key component to building yin deficiency and nourishing the body, and the Jewish bubbe knows that chickenContinue reading “Nourishing With Herbal & Bone Broths”

Surviving Holiday Stress: Have a Cup of Tea

  We all know the holidays can be stressful- even lonely for many people.  The stress can take its toll — not just impacting our relationships, but excess stress can set us up for getting sick … and no one wants to suffer thru the holidays with a cold virus. While I cannot help you with yourContinue reading “Surviving Holiday Stress: Have a Cup of Tea”


Early spring is bursting with all its wild edible glory right now. The woods are filled with fiddleheads, trout lily, morel mushrooms, wild ginger, field garlic, dock and white lettuce leaves. The fields have violets in bloom for salads and sunshine yellow dandelions ready for dandelion wine. Invasive edible plants like Japanese knotweed and garlic mustard still haveContinue reading “Unfurling”

Nutritious Nettles: A Foraged Risotto Recipe

While on my run last Saturday, I was delighted to discover these tiny shoots of nettle (Urtica dioica)!!  I found myself stooping down to snack on them fresh with complete disregard to the tiny sting, enjoying the nettle’s flavor that I haven’t enjoyed fresh since last fall! I think my running buddies thought I was crazy… Hands down,Continue reading “Nutritious Nettles: A Foraged Risotto Recipe”

Kick the Ick: Cold & Flu Herbal Tips & Tricks

The sun has dropped to a low spot on the horizon. The days are darker and colder and the night is longer. Winter signifies a need for deep rest and nourishment. It’s a time of quiet. Soup’s on the stove, hot teas are being sipped. The proverbial fire is being stoked in the kitchen’s hearth.Continue reading “Kick the Ick: Cold & Flu Herbal Tips & Tricks”

On a plant writing sabbatical…

Headed across the Midwest, with my camera and laptop in tow. Destination is Big Sky & Jackson Hole for a writing sabbatical, working on my next book — “The ReWilded Kitchen: A Forager’s Guide to Edible & Medicinal Plants of the Midwest” (Timber Press, 2014). Here, I stopped just outside of Gary, Indiana off ofContinue reading “On a plant writing sabbatical…”