Loving Organically

  As part of the Rodale Team, I was asked to think of ways that I love organically. What gave me the most inspiration was thinking about the ways people have loved me. I am very, very grateful to be surrounded by love that shows up in unexpected ways – a call from a best friendContinue reading “Loving Organically”

A Herbalist’s Pilgrimage to Tulum

Tulum has always held a special place in my heart. My first visit was in 2009 and I instantly fell in love with her people, ruins, beaches, city and plants. Since that time I’ve made many visits around the Yucatan – Merida, Valladolid – all lovely places with unique personality. So in choosing all placesContinue reading “A Herbalist’s Pilgrimage to Tulum”

¡Eheu! (El Canto Errante) ~ Rúben Dario

 On my way out of the country I picked up a copy of Ruben Dario’s poems in the Managua airport, hoping his modernist/romantic style would help me through the sense~making of travel in such a beguiling country. Having been in love with several of Dario’s other pieces, it was ¡Eheu! (El Canto Errante) that I feltContinue reading “¡Eheu! (El Canto Errante) ~ Rúben Dario”

Encouraged by the GoldenRod

About two years ago, I began documenting my forays in life — mostly edible and mostly of plants — on Tumblr. It was easy. It’s been easy. I’ve gotten great feedback for offering my aesthic and perspective on family, life, plants, cooking, and gardening in this way — short, simple, easy, visual. Tumblr has beenContinue reading “Encouraged by the GoldenRod”