Making Chai Magical with Chaga

Weather’s changing. Glad for a warm hearth, food on my stove and a pantry & apothecary full of ways to keep me & my family healthy this winter. Counting my blessings. With the cold, damp weather upon us, one of my most favorite warming drinks is Chai. I like my chai so many different waysContinue reading “Making Chai Magical with Chaga”

The Roots of My Practice

“If you don’t do the work of the heart, then you will always have pain.” ~ Don Daniel, Maya plant friend in Tulum MX, 2015. I traveled to Tulum first in 2009, the first of what began as many trips to the Yucatan and the beginning of a love affair with such a magical place.Continue reading “The Roots of My Practice”

A Herbalist’s Pilgrimage to Tulum

Tulum has always held a special place in my heart. My first visit was in 2009 and I instantly fell in love with her people, ruins, beaches, city and plants. Since that time I’ve made many visits around the Yucatan – Merida, Valladolid – all lovely places with unique personality. So in choosing all placesContinue reading “A Herbalist’s Pilgrimage to Tulum”

Nourishing With Herbal & Bone Broths

Broths! This may seem like the newest food trend but alas – herbal and bone broths have been in simmering on the stoves of healing kitchens across the globe and across time. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, broth is a key component to building yin deficiency and nourishing the body, and the Jewish bubbe knows that chickenContinue reading “Nourishing With Herbal & Bone Broths”

Grow Your Herbal Apothecary from the Ground Up

It’s that time of year again — Spring! I know I’ve been thinking about planting time since January, when the seed catalogues began to drop into our mailbox (an evil tease, I say) and this time of year I become so excited to once again get my hands into the soil. It is my therapyContinue reading “Grow Your Herbal Apothecary from the Ground Up”

Honey Bee Medicine & The Apothecary

Honey Bees are the Earth’s first and best herbalists. They flit from flower to flower; pollinating and as they do so they collect the plant’s magic pollen dust which then gets imbibed into deliciously healing honey. Bees also collect resin from trees to create propolis, which repairs cracks in their hives and is also aContinue reading “Honey Bee Medicine & The Apothecary”

Wolf Moon’s Winter Woodland Plant Medicines

The light of the shining January Wolf Moon falls onto the crisp, glimmering snow crystals of the Michigan Winter Woods.  Winter is at its peak — the smell of cold, crisp, harsh air reminds us of the scarcity of the dark months. But even in the depths of winter’s darkness, nature offers us healing winter remediesContinue reading “Wolf Moon’s Winter Woodland Plant Medicines”

De-Stress, Rest & Restore

The halls have been decked and gifts have been swapped, and in the midst of what can sometimes seem like holiday hell, hopefully there is a moment or two where you can catch your breath and rest. Winter’s season, by design, is a time to turn inward, rest and reflect. It’s a time where manyContinue reading “De-Stress, Rest & Restore”


I took a walk through the fields and in the woods this morning in one of my most favorite areas in GR– the gravel pits and down by the Grand River in and around Johnson/Millenium Park. Not only did this help re-root my person back to my own land after being away in Nicaragua forContinue reading “Recalibrating”