Running Toward Plants: An Interview

Enjoyable interview talking about my book “Midwest Foraging,” wild edibles, and Leelanau County with Edible Grande Traverse Magazine. Check out the full interview online, along with other cool wild edible recipes including a local hunter’s take on eating squirrel! An interesting note, this interview took place in Lake Leelanau Sunday morning on August 2 as we watched theContinue reading “Running Toward Plants: An Interview”

High Summer Wild Harvests

The days are long and warm for now, but we all know that winter will return and with it – cold and flu season as well as all sorts of other general maladies we face across the year. There are many ways to keep the ills and chills away with wild plants! Some helpful herbsContinue reading “High Summer Wild Harvests”

Go Nuts with Walnuts: Italian Walnut Liqueur

Cocktails flavored with different plants and herbals are now all the rage among foodies and at popular restaurants. Beyond the garden, foraged, wild flavors can be gathered from the woods and fields to be blended into infused liqueurs, simple syrups and handmade bitters for the cocktail cart. The windfall of falling walnuts becomes noticeable inContinue reading “Go Nuts with Walnuts: Italian Walnut Liqueur”

Summer Staycations: Foraging with Kids

There’s no better place on earth in summer than #PureMichigan. Summer vacation is a time to load the car and head to the lakeshore – bikes tied to the back and sandals in tow. The great thing about our Great Lakes state is that we are never more than 20 minutes from an outdoor adventureContinue reading “Summer Staycations: Foraging with Kids”

Don’t Bug Me: Herbal Spray & Bite Remedies

A PureMichigan summertime is made up of camping trips, picnics, and summers by the lakeshore surrounded by family and friends. But usually unwelcome visitors to the festivities include the pesky mosquitos, ticks and spiders – unavoidable in our forests and backyards. To fully ensure you will stay bite free, cover the skin up in lightweightContinue reading “Don’t Bug Me: Herbal Spray & Bite Remedies”

Poison Ivy & Favorite Herbal Remedies

Poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans) is a common invasive plant across the Midwest, found in damp riverbeds, woodlands, trailsides, sand dunes, and open fields. The poison ivy is abundant this year – finally leafing out and growing in large stands in backyards, along trails and carpeting the woods, keeping the morel mushroom hunters at bay and irritatingContinue reading “Poison Ivy & Favorite Herbal Remedies”

“Rampant” Overharvesting: Digging Too Deep for Wild Leeks

  An early spring ephemeral, the wild leek—or ramps—is an aromatic, delicious wild onion. The bulb sweetens when roasted, pickles well for martinis, and has tops that are delicious as garnish or incorporated into a spring salad. While they may seem to carpet the floor of the woods in the spring, there is growing concernContinue reading ““Rampant” Overharvesting: Digging Too Deep for Wild Leeks”

The Roots of My Practice

“If you don’t do the work of the heart, then you will always have pain.” ~ Don Daniel, Maya plant friend in Tulum MX, 2015. I traveled to Tulum first in 2009, the first of what began as many trips to the Yucatan and the beginning of a love affair with such a magical place.Continue reading “The Roots of My Practice”