Herbal First Responders: Cold & Flu Care

  Sometimes when you feel a cold or a flu coming on, it’s easy to brush it off and keep pushing ahead. But when that little voice tells you that your body has caught a virus, heed its warning!  Learning when and how to use popular herbal remedies can help you prevent from getting stuck at theContinue reading “Herbal First Responders: Cold & Flu Care”

Poison Ivy & Favorite Herbal Remedies

Poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans) is a common invasive plant across the Midwest, found in damp riverbeds, woodlands, trailsides, sand dunes, and open fields. The poison ivy is abundant this year – finally leafing out and growing in large stands in backyards, along trails and carpeting the woods, keeping the morel mushroom hunters at bay and irritatingContinue reading “Poison Ivy & Favorite Herbal Remedies”