Simply Sassy: A Mitten Gal’s Sassafras Rootbeer 

While on a trail run through the dunes of Hoffmaster State Park this summer I realized that there is no other smell reminiscent of my West Michigan lakeshore upbringing than sassafras. That aromatic, spicy rootbeer fragrance of the sassafras floats on the breeze in the dew of the morning or after a wet, damp rain. It is oneContinue reading “Simply Sassy: A Mitten Gal’s Sassafras Rootbeer “

After the Storm: Leelanau, Wild Plants & New Beginnings

Leelanau County is a beloved place for me. When my family and I watched the devastating storm slam into the beach on Sunday, August 2 – with its winds reaching speeds of nearly 100 mph- and then witnessed the extensive devastation that has left Glen Arbor and many surrounding areas still without power, my heart seemedContinue reading “After the Storm: Leelanau, Wild Plants & New Beginnings”

The Magic Nectar of Maple Syrup

Who doesn’t love that dark amber nectar of real maple syrup – the sweetness of the trees and one of the earth’s most decadent and natural sweeteners? Click HERE to watch me rave about syrup on WZZM13. We treat maple syrup like it’s liquid gold in my house – a precious food that I love to useContinue reading “The Magic Nectar of Maple Syrup”