Eat the Weeds: Strawberry-Knotweed Pie

Yup I said it. Pie. Who said foraging and eating wild edibles was all about tree barks in tea and wild and bitter leaves in salads?? Us foragers also love a really yummy PIE! {which that’s not to discount the barks or bitters, btw}. We all know and love a good strawberry-rhubarb pie in theContinue reading “Eat the Weeds: Strawberry-Knotweed Pie”

Maple Syrup: A Forager’s Sweet Treat

Can you hear the trees awakening? It’s maple syrup time for the farmers and foragers setting out to tap the maple trees! Even though the land around us continues to be covered with a deep blanket of snow, there’s a shift in the trees. With warmer days and cold, clear nights, the trees are stretching their hibernatingContinue reading “Maple Syrup: A Forager’s Sweet Treat”

Nutritious Nettles: A Foraged Risotto Recipe

While on my run last Saturday, I was delighted to discover these tiny shoots of nettle (Urtica dioica)!!  I found myself stooping down to snack on them fresh with complete disregard to the tiny sting, enjoying the nettle’s flavor that I haven’t enjoyed fresh since last fall! I think my running buddies thought I was crazy… Hands down,Continue reading “Nutritious Nettles: A Foraged Risotto Recipe”