Autumn Olive: An Underworld Fruit

Spent time in the woods gathering autumn olive berries yesterday from trees still heavy with ripe fruit. I hope we can reimagine these delightful fruits as life-giving and nourishing because of their abundance (or invasiveness, depending on perspective). The rain, falling leaves and dark day’s weather were symbolic of the slow transition to winter; theseContinue reading “Autumn Olive: An Underworld Fruit”

Wild Leeks: A Tasty, Precious Sign of Spring

Spotted: Wild leeks,¬†Allium tricoccum Regionally, Wild Leeks are distributed as far east as New York State and through Canada, west into the forests of Wisconsin and Minnesota and south into Appalachia. Here in Michigan, the Wild Leeks (or Ramps are they are also called) are plentiful in the Beech/Maple woods along the rivers and onContinue reading “Wild Leeks: A Tasty, Precious Sign of Spring”