High Summer Wild Harvests

The days are long and warm for now, but we all know that winter will return and with it – cold and flu season as well as all sorts of other general maladies we face across the year. There are many ways to keep the ills and chills away with wild plants! Some helpful herbsContinue reading “High Summer Wild Harvests”

Autumn Olive: An Underworld Fruit

Spent time in the woods gathering autumn olive berries yesterday from trees still heavy with ripe fruit. I hope we can reimagine these delightful fruits as life-giving and nourishing because of their abundance (or invasiveness, depending on perspective). The rain, falling leaves and dark day’s weather were symbolic of the slow transition to winter; theseContinue reading “Autumn Olive: An Underworld Fruit”

On a plant writing sabbatical…

Headed across the Midwest, with my camera and laptop in tow. Destination is Big Sky & Jackson Hole for a writing sabbatical, working on my next book — “The ReWilded Kitchen: A Forager’s Guide to Edible & Medicinal Plants of the Midwest” (Timber Press, 2014). Here, I stopped just outside of Gary, Indiana off ofContinue reading “On a plant writing sabbatical…”