Eat the Weeds: Garlic Mustard

Garlic Mustard: An Edible, Bitter Green Dandelion, parsley, arugula, romaine, radicchio, endive are all delicious, bitter greens of springtime that make perfect addition to salads!  Why do bitter flavors matter? Bitter flavors of plants, while having a negative connotation to many, may be one of the keys to our wellness.  Bitter flavors help stimulate digestion, bileContinue reading “Eat the Weeds: Garlic Mustard”

Don’t Bug Me: Herbal Spray & Bite Remedies

A PureMichigan summertime is made up of camping trips, picnics, and summers by the lakeshore surrounded by family and friends. But usually unwelcome visitors to the festivities include the pesky mosquitos, ticks and spiders – unavoidable in our forests and backyards. To fully ensure you will stay bite free, cover the skin up in lightweightContinue reading “Don’t Bug Me: Herbal Spray & Bite Remedies”

Wild Gardens in the Windy City

During a weekend of work and play in Chicago, I made my way down the stairs on Wacker to the riverfront for a morning walk. Musing about the layers of the city and metal beams my partner commented, “Chicago is a city built of steel with 3 dimensions.” I thought more about that statement in relation toContinue reading “Wild Gardens in the Windy City”